Becoming a supplier

Hello! I would like to become a supplier for Systembolaget, and I'm curious about how it works. What do I need to do, or what steps need to be taken, in order for the products my company provides to be available for purchase at Systembolaget's stores? Thank you very much!


  • Hello Sabine, thank you for contacting us with your question and for your interest in our company!
    I hope I can provide you with enough sufficent information for you to explore your enquiry.

    Systembolaget is a government-owned enterprise that has monopoly rights for the retail sale of wine, spirits and strong beer.
    However, according to the present Swedish law, we are not allowed to buy directly from the producers.
    Therefore, a product must be represented by a Swedish importer to be offered to us for sale on the Swedish market.

    Systembolaget periodically sends out tenders to all licensed importers.
    The importer sends offers on the products they represents and that correspond to what we are asking for.
    Our purchasers study all offers and make a selection for tasting.
    The samples are blind tasted at our head office by a group of professional tasters, and the wine that is rated the highest is purchased.

    Because of this, you cannot offer your products directly to us.
    You will need a Swedish importer and to get in touch with one, we recommend you to contact your embassy or commercial office in Sweden.
    You might also find helpful information from the Swedish Spirits & Wine Suppliers:

    I wish you good luck with your enquiry! 
    You're always welcome to contact us again if there is anything else we can do for you.
    Kind regards
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