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What kind of ID cards do you accept?

Hello! What type of ID card should I bring with me when I visit your stores? Can I use a digital identification form?


  • Hello Cynthia and thank you for contacting us with your enquiry.

    We at Systembolaget currently approve of these following types of identification:

    • SIS-marked Swedish ID cards and corresponding ID cards from other Nordic countries
    • National ID cards
    • Driver's licenses, either Swedish or from the Nordic countries
    • Passports
    • National ID cards from countries outside of the Nordic ones belonging to the EU/EES that include information about citizenship (for example "Nationality: Spanish")
    • Norwegian bank cards containing a small identification on the back of the card, LMA-cards and residency permit cards; These are eligible for proving one's age but cannot be used for payment by card/check
    • A valid ID card must always display a current photograph that looks similar to the person in question and clearly state the age of the person. We also check the expiration date and that it has not transpired
    • At the moment we do not accept any type of digital ID cards. However, it is a current development that we recognise, and we are currently looking in to whether or not is is appliable with our sales conduct 

    We reserve the right to deny ID cards if the design looks handmade or falsified.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to write to us about ID cards.
    I wish you a lovely week, feel free to contact us again at any time!

    Best regards,
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